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*WINE, a beverage made of the fermented juice of any of various kinds of grapes, usually containing from 10 to 15 percent alcohol by volume. Something that intoxicates or exhilarates.

House Wines

Flip Flop
- Malbac
- Reisling
- Moscato
- Pino Grigio

Fox Horn
- Cabernet
- Merlot
- Chardonnay

Upscale Wines

2010 Lomas Valle Chardonnay
2009 Bourgogne Pino Noir
Grand Vin De Bougogne Chardonnay
Morgehop 2003 Cape Vintage
Cappupino Cinotage 2011 Pinotage
Penya Rose

*Due to supply and demand, some wines my not be available.

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